Kate Jones

The terms and dates of the contract to supply the SU30MK to India will not be affected by Saturday's crash, says the director general of Sukoi's design bureau.

At the Rosvoorouzhenie press conference on Monday, Mikhail Pogosyan stressed that the crash did not diminish the value of the multi-purpose fighter.

"The events of two days ago will not distract from the benefits promised by the aircraft," he says.

Speakers at the conference were also keen to contradict rumours of bad feeling between the 14 Russian companies which make up the Rosvoorouzhenie state corporation.

"The fact that we are here together shows that, inside our country, there is no competition between our companies," says MAPO's Nikolay Nikitin.

"The press is keen to suggest that such competition exists but the fact that we are here in such a team proves that everything we do is to benefit the promotion of Russian military equipment in the international market."

Likewise, competition between Russia and countries from the former USSR such as the Ukraine should not be overplayed.

Responding to the observation, unlike at other shows, many of the Russian and Ukrainian exhibitors are in one hall here in Paris, Pogosyan said: "What matters here is consolidation of our efforts, not competition. It's a natural process taking place all over the world."

Source: Flight Daily News