Sukhoi has completed state acceptance trials for the Su-25UBM twin-seat attack aircraft and operational trainer, including the use of live weapons.

The variant has undergone all the necessary tests to allow it to enter service with the Russian air force, says Vladimir Babak, general director of Sukhoi Attack Aircraft.

Some documentation has yet to be completed, but once state approval has been received, the Su-25UBM will be cleared to enter series production. The new version is a deep modification of the Su-25 twin-seat operational trainer, equipped with systems that will enable it to perform ground-attack missions in any weather and by day or night.

Additional new equipment will enable the aircraft to be employed in other roles, including reconnaissance and target designation, or as an airborne control post. The high-subsonic design has a reported range of up to 700nm (1,300km).

The first flight of an Su-25UBM took place on 6 December 2008. Although Sukhoi has revealed limited technical information about the new aircraft, it is known to have a Phazotron NIIR Kopyo radar and the Bars-2 set of on-board equipment. It is also believed to have a self-protection system to guard against infrared-guided missiles.

Source: Flight International