Sunkiss Aeronautique (Stand B3, Hall 3) is promoting a new device designed to cure sealants, paint and composites up to 12 times as quickly as conventional methods.

In the Thermoreactor, catalytic combustion of propane gas causes the emission of infra-red radiation at wavelengths of between three and ten microns. Because these values match the infra-red absorption spectrum of organic materials, the chemical balance of the material being treated is disrupted more quickly and the curing process hastened.

With fast oxidation of fumes once they come into contact with the catalyst, Thermoreactor is described as a safe system to use. It can be operated in flammable or explosive environments, making it useful for the treatment of fuel-tank leaks. With older techniques, the first stage of curing is completed after 30hr, with completion after 72hr. Sunkiss says Thermoreactor takes just six hours to do the same.

Source: Flight Daily News