Boeing announced yesterday that it has sold seven 737s - five of them new generation -600s - to the Sunrock Aircraft Corporation in a deal worth $250million.

The announcement brings total 737 orders to 3,677 of which 557 are next generation models.

Negotiations continue on a further 13 B-737s - worth another $500million - as Sunrock wants to bring forward the delivery dates currently being quoted.

The two current generation -300s will be first to be delivered, in September/October 1999, while the new generation aircraft will start to enter service in March/April 2000, with the remainder following in September 2000 and spring 2001.


Right to swap

Sunrock reserves the right to swap the -600s for -700s or -800s as appropriate.

An operating leasing arm of Japan's Missho Iwai Corporation, Sunrock is based in Dublin, Ireland.

Speaking at Le Bourget yesterday, Toshi Gonda, president of Sunrock and senior managing director of its parent company Nissho Iwai, said: "This announcement reinforces our strong relationship with Boeing, which stems from our 40 years as sales consultants to the company.

"By adding this order to our current fleet, Sunrock is able to strengthen its market activities as we move towards the 21st century."

The order makes Sunrock, founded in 1990, the 28th customer for Boeing's new generation 737.

Source: Flight Daily News