Boeing is seeking international partners for its "Super Frog" outsize tactical transport project. The tilt-wing aircraft is a tailless, swept-wing, four-turboprop, short take-off and landing design.

The company claims the Super Frog would be a "quantum leap" over other tactical airlifters, such as the Lockheed Martin C-130. It has a similar fuselage diameter to that of the Boeing C-17, but would carry around 40t (80,000lb), half the larger aircraft's load.

Boeing says a decision to proceed with the Super Frog - which is also known as the Advanced Theater Transport - would be needed in 2006/7 for service entry around 2010.

It could offer programme participation to European and other allied nations from the "ground floor". USAir Force Special Operations Command and the US Army have requirements the Super Frog could meet.

The US manufacturer says that windtunnel tests have proved the tailless concept, including stability and control, and it plans to start a series of scale-model flight tests later this month.

Source: Flight International