The Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet is returning to Farnborough as a combat veteran after the type made its combat debut in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

The Super Hornets here come from the famous US Navy squadron VFA-2 - the Bounty Hunters.

VF-2 Commanding Officer Cdr Doug Denneny led his team through a seamless conversion from the F-14D Super Tomcat after combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In contrast to the dull grey camouflage applied to most US Navy fighters, the two examples here are assigned to the squadron Commander and Executive Officer and so wear special markings - a red, white and blue 'Langley stripe' around the nose and the squadron's sinister skull badge on the tails.

In the static park, the Super Hornet carries a mixed load of laser-guided bombs, Joint Direct Attack Munitions and High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles.

A major advantage of the Super Hornet over the first generation Hornet is the type's greater bring-back potential, allowing it to return to the aircraft carrier with all its weapons if required.



Source: Flight Daily News