The eve of the Show brought with it a significant milestone for AgustaWestland's Super Lynx 300 demonstrator, which made its maiden flight fitted with LHTEC CTS800-4N engines.

The aircraft completed a standard initial test schedule, including aircraft system checks and aircraft/engine handling under the guidance of Westland test pilot Ted Mustard. The demonstrator achieved 55kt (100km/h) in forward flight and completed a series of single engine hovers.

The Super Lynx 300 incorporates an integrated glass cockpit and the new powerplant, jointly developed by Rolls-Royce and Honeywell as a replacement for the existing Rolls-Royce Gem 42-1.Speaking after the flight, Mustard said: "This confirms compatibility of the new production-standard LHTEC engines with the existing airframe and transmission system."

"The aircraft was close to normal maximum all-up weight and hovered impressively on one engine."

AgustaWestland says the re-engining equips the Super Lynx 300 with 33% more power and increases performance in ‘hot and high' conditions significantly.

Source: Flight Daily News