Sukhoi is nearing the completion of the certification campaign for its Superjet 100 regional aircraft, with its four flying prototype twinjets having carried out 2,245h of tests over 948 flights.

"This accounts for fulfilling 90% of certification trials, including the most difficult stages," says Superjet 100 programme senior vice-president Igor Vinogradov.

Last month Sukhoi concluded crosswind handling evaluations in Keflavik, Iceland, during which one of prototype jets confirmed design characteristics with crosswind speeds of up to 29kt (54km/h).

Sukhoi SuperJet 100
 © Sukhoi

The type has also passed Category II landing tests and trials for Category IIIa are being prepared. Sukhoi has also completed function assessments of the Superjet's stairway and cargo hold equipment.

"Testing for avionics failure safety and electromagnetic compatibility are in full swing, and emergency escape trials will begin shortly," says Vinogradov.

Source: Flight International