Deliveries of large regional jets will top 3,500 over the next 20 years, predicts Superjet International, the venture which markets the Sukhoi Superjet 100.

The Russian-Italian company estimates a demand for 1,350 jets in the 90- to 120-seat sector over the 10 years to 2023 and another 2,170 in the subsequent decade to 2033.

Superjet International says, in its latest forecast, that the market has “evolved rapidly” – in terms of both aircraft type and distribution – during the last two years.

The demand for aircraft around 100 seats, it claims, is being driven by the need for more frequencies and the creation of new regional networks in developing markets.

Superjet International believes the Asia-Pacific market will account for 18% of regional jet deliveries to 2033, the vast majority in the 100-seat category, spurred by a growing middle-class population and subsidies to regional aviation.

European carriers will also have an 18% share of deliveries, driven by capacity adjustments and the growth of the eastern regions, while Latin America and Russia will respectively have 13% and 10%.

Although North America will take a 35% share, this will be weighed in favour of sub-90-seat aircraft, the forecast states.

Superjet International estimates total 20-year demand for the 60- to 90-seat sector at 1,680 jets, and nearly 20,300 for types in the 120- to 200-seat range.

Source: Cirium Dashboard