Supply chain management specialist BAX Global (Hall 4, G10) has expanded its suite of services tailored to the demands of the aerospace industry throughout its global network.

The AeroBAX product encompasses all transportation and logistics activity associated with the manufacture, operation and maintenance of any type of commercial fixed and rotary wing aircraft. A separate BAX Global Government Sales Group caters to the needs of government.

An aircraft-on-the-ground (AOG) service is operated around the clock by the company's Global Operations Centre in Phoenix, Arizona, and is supported similarly by key regional AeroBAX centres in Atlanta, Auckland, London, Melbourne, Singapore, and here in Paris.

BAX Global's specialist aerospace programme also covers repair loop/rotables management, inventory management strategies, kit building, management of shelf life items, centralised billing and customs management; and complies to CAA, JAA, FAA and ATA standards.


Engine transportation specialists are based at the major gateways to provide ground handling expertise for powerplant and component replacements.

BAX Global has significant experience with major carriers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) throughout Europe and internationally, says Dawn Boulden, vice-president of Global Sales for BAX Global's aerospace expertise.


BAX Global also has practical experience in the aerospace sector as an aircraft operator in the USA, where the company operates its own freighters for overnight delivery services.

Boulden says: "Our direct aerospace experience has been a significant advantage in developing a range of industry specific products.

"Meeting exceptionally high customer expectations within a mission critical environment, where needs are constantly changing as a matter of course, goes hand in hand with our aerospace supply chain services. Flexibility, service, quality and timely accurate information flow are central to successful aerospace Supply Chain Management.

Source: Flight Daily News