Almost every type of fixed wing reconnaissance and surveillance platform in NATO's inventory has operated in the Balkan theatre over the past nine years. Tactical photographic reconnaissance jets now available at Italian bases for tasking include French Sepecat Jaguars, German and Italian Panavia Tornados, French Dassault Mirage F1s. Dutch Lockheed Martin F-16ARs and Italian AMX International AMXs.

Strategic imagery collection platforms based around Europe include French Mirage IVs, USAF Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady aircraft, US Navy Lockheed Martin P-3C Orions and UK Canberra PR9s.

Signals intelligence platforms regularly operational in the Balkan theatre include the UK's BAe Nimrod R1, USAF Boeing RC-135 and U-2s, US Navy EP-3C Aries II, US Army Beech RC-12 Guardrail, German Dassault Atlantiques and French Transall C-160s.

Source: Flight International