A Swedish and South African joint venture, a direct result of the supply of Gripen aircraft to the SA Air Force, has been announced at the show.

South African electronics and communications group Grintek links with Saab to compete on world markets in hi-tech communications and data network defence contracts.

The two have already worked together successfully on contracts with European helicopter manufacturers and are supplying a range of communications and other equipment for use in the Saab/BAE Systems JAS39 Gripen and the BAE Systems Hawk lead-in fighter trainer.

Saab in collaboration with BAE Systems is to supply 28 Gripen mutli-role fighters for the SA Air Force.

Welcoming the deal here at the show, Grintek chairman Zoli Kunene says it marks an important step in integrating South Africa's technical skills into the global industry. "It is a further indication of how the strategic defence procurement programme can secure and expand the role of South Africa¹s most modern industries internationally."

Source: Flight Daily News