Czech aircraft manufacturer Aviation Technique (Atec) hopes that Swedish certification of its Zephyr 2000 light aircraft will pave the way for type approval from the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

The company recently sold its 75th Zephyr 2000 and has secured sales of the two-seat aircraft in Australia, Canada, France, Italy and Portugal. Atec has sold the 1.75 million koruna ($50,000) aircraft to the Norrköping Aero Club in southern Sweden. Atec hopes Swedish certification, considered more rigorous than that of some countries, will lead to UK approval.

The aircraft was modified for the Swedish market using composites to cut empty weight to 273kg (600lb), the lightest Zephyr 2000 to date, meeting the Swedish ultralight threshold of 275kg. TheZ-2000's maximum take-off weight is 450kg. The Swedish authorities also requested replacing the standard 60 litre (15USgal) fuel tank with an 80litre tank. Cruise speed with the 70kW (95shp) Bombardier Rotax 912S engine is 90kt (170km/h), while stall speed, with power off and flaps down, is 35kt.

Source: Flight International