THE SWEDISH DEFENCE Materiel Administration, FMV, has taken delivery of the first re-engined Saab 105 jet trainer. The aircraft, carrying the Swedish air force designation SK60, has new Williams Rolls FJ44 engines.

A test aircraft, used by Saab Military Aircraft, has also been delivered to FMV for further testing as part of a modification programme scheduled to continue through to 1998, covering 105 of the aircraft. Nine will be delivered by Saab, this year. The Swedish air force Flight Training School at Ljungbyhed is also involved in the work.

The new twin-engined Saab 105 is believed to be 14% more fuel efficient, and to require less maintenance than its Turbom ca Au-bisque-powered predecessor.

The Saab 105 was first flown in 1963 and initial deliveries took place in 1965. Some 150 aircraft were ordered by Sweden. The upgrade is expected to keep the aircraft operating in training, attack, reconnaissance and liaison roles well beyond the year 2010.

Source: Flight International