Operators looking forward to the introduction of Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband 432Kbit/s-per-channel satellite data service towards the end of the year can get a sneak preview of the technology at the Thrane & Thrane (booth 2883).
The Danish manufacturer is showing its super-compact Explorer 500 portable terminal, which embodies the same core technology as the T&T airborne equipment that will start to become available in the middle of next year.
Explorer 500 itself – notebook-sized and weighing just 3lb (1.4kg) - is designed to appeal to ground users who need to maintain internet and other broadband links when they venture into regions beyond the reach of conventional fixed and wireless communications.
The SwiftBroadband service will be supported by Inmarsat’s powerful new fourth-generation satellites, the second of which entered orbit on Tuesday. Inmarsat-4 F2 was launched from the US Sea Launch platform in the Pacific Ocean and is undergoing in-orbit tests before being stationed over the Americas at 53dW.
“The successful launch of our second I-4 satellite will ensure that SwiftBroadband users can have uninterrupted coverage across the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and most of Asia when the first avionics are flying next year,” says Lars Ringertz, head of aeronautical marketing for Inmarsat.

Source: Flight Daily News