Technicians from Swiss International Air Lines have yet to determine whether one of the carrier's BAE Systems Avro RJ100s can be flown out of London City airport after it suffered heavy damage in a hard landing.

The aircraft, a seven-year-old example registered HB-IYU, had been operating a service from Geneva with 93 passengers and crew when it arrived on 18 August.

Swiss air accident investigation agency BFU says that the aircraft made a hard landing at around 10:40. It gives the wind at the time as being from 190° at 10kt (18.5km/h), which, given the orientation of London City's runway, would be experienced as a crosswind.

It says that there is "substantial" damage to the underside of the aircraft, although there were no injuries among those on board.

Swiss says: "The aircraft is still at London City and our maintenance specialists are at the airport analysing the situation."

It is unclear whether the aircraft is in a flyable condition as the carrier has yet to determine the extent of the damage.

UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch personnel have opened an inquiry into the incident. The jet is owned by Zurich-based Anson Aircraft.

Source: Flight International