SyberJet Aircraft has rebranded its revamped SJ30 business aircraft as the SJ30i, as well as launching a more powerful version of the light-cabin twinjet, dubbed the SJ30x.

The Cedar City, Utah-based airframer, which broke ground on 1 May at its completion and delivery centre, has named actor and SJ30 owner Morgan Freeman as launch customer for both aircraft, as well being a “brand ambassador” for SyberJet.

“Freeman has been operating his current SJ30 since 2009 amassing over 1,000 flight hours, [including] 12 transatlantic crossings,” says SyberJet, whose parent company, MSC Aerospace, purchased the assets of the former SJ30 owner, Emivest Aerospace in April 2011.

The start-up is planning to fly the SJ30i later this year, equipped with its Honeywell Primus Apex-based flightdeck called SyberVision. The SJ30i will also feature a new interior when it enters service in the second half of 2015.

The SJ30x is scheduled to enter service around two years later, featuring more powerful Williams International FJ44-3AP-25 engines and dual FADEC controls. “The SJ30x will offer more range, quicker time to climb, higher cruise speed at altitude, better hot-and-high performance, increased payload and single-point pressure refuelling,” says SyberJet.