Airbus is predicting demand for almost 37,400 new passenger and freighter aircraft over the next 20 years.

This total is around 2,500 more than the figure the airframer gave in last year's outlook.

Airbus has revised the prediction in its latest global market forecast, covering the two decades to 2037.

It says that 26,540 aircraft will be needed for fleet expansion while the remaining 10,850 will be used to replace older types.

About 10,600 of the current fleet will still be in service in 2037.

Airbus says that the demand will double the global fleet to some 48,000 aircraft and result in a need to source 540,000 new pilots.

It has established a new categorisation system for its forecast, splitting the demand into four sectors – small, medium, large and extra-large, respectively covering up to 230, up to 300, up to 350 and over 350 seats.

The small category will continue to dominate with demand for 28,550 aircraft, valued at $3.2 trillion. Its highest category – into which the A350-1000 and A380 are placed – will need 1,590 aircraft worth $600 billion.

Airbus expects demand for 5,480 medium and 1,760 large aircraft over the next 20 years. The overall demand across the four categories, it says, amounts to $5.8 trillion.

Source: Cirium Dashboard