Airbus has expanded the number of A350-1000 options with a new variant hiking the maximum take-off weight to 316t.

The airframer revamped the original -1000 design in 2011, raising the MTOW from 298t to 308t to increase its payload-range capability.

Its latest data on the -1000 – updated on 1 June but only publicly disclosed in the last few days – shows that two additional weight variants are available.

These comprise a 311t version and a 316t version, respectively designated WV001 and WV002.

Airbus lists all three variants as having usable fuel capacity of 156,000 litres and a standard seating accommodation of 369.

It has not specifically detailed the performance enhancement achievable with the higher weight, listing only the 7,950nm range of the 308t version.

There are 14 weight variants of the smaller A350-900 with MTOW ranging from 210t to 280t.

Airbus had been studying a stretched version of the -1000, loosely termed the -2000, but has recently backed away from the proposal.

Source: Cirium Dashboard