Airbus has restored powerplant parity to A320neo-family deliveries, handing over 22 aircraft in total during May, equally split between the two engine manufacturers.

These deliveries comprised 12 A321neos and 10 A320neos – more than doubling this year's A321neo delivery total, from nine to 21, in just a single month.

Analysis of Airbus's latest backlog figures shows that Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engines and the rival CFM International Leap-1A were each fitted to five A320neos and six A321neos delivered in May.

Airbus had restarted PW1100G-powered deliveries towards the end of April, after an eight-week suspension to resolve technical snags.

Total A320neo-family deliveries this year have reached 69 aircraft – comprising 48 A320neos and 21 A321neos – accounting for 40% of all single-aisle output over the first five months.

But this figure remains distorted by the multiple assembled aircraft which remain parked at Airbus facilities awaiting engines.

Interruption of the PW1100G deliveries meant that, by the end of May, almost 80% of the A320neo-family jets handed to customers this year had Leap-1A engines.

Source: Cirium Dashboard