Airbus has announced the departure of chief strategist Marwan Lahoud at the end of February.

Lahoud’s successor as head of international, strategy and public affairs will be named later, Airbus says.

The departure of Lahoud, 50, will create a vacancy on the Group Executive Committee if not filled by the end of the month.

But Lahoud exits the company as his mandate as a member of the committee expires, Airbus says.

Born in Lebanon, Lahoud emigrated to France in 1982 to escape the Civil War.

He became an engineer and worked his way up the ranks within the Delegation Generale pour L’Armement (DGA), rising to be assistant director for Missiles and Space in 1994.

Lahoud is credited as one of the leading forces in the creation of European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS) in 2001.

As the head of mergers and acquisitions for Aerospatiale Matra when EADS was formed, Lahoud would go on to become chief executive of MBDA at 36 in 2003.

He became chief strategy and marketing officer for EADS Group in 2007, where he led the failed bid to acquire BAE Systems in 2013 and the subsequent withdrawal of ownership stakes in EADS by the French and German governments.

Source: Cirium Dashboard