German interior specialist Aircraft Cabin Modification has developed a new economy seat cover intended to alleviate the problems caused by unhealthy sitting posture.

The "Smeated" cover its name a contraction of "Smart Seated" has interwoven sensors that can assess a passenger's seating position and alert them, via an app, if their posture is poor and help them sit "more healthily", says ACM.

"As humans, we are sitting more than ever," notes the Memmingen-based company.

It asserts that more than 60% of work time is spent on chairs, "mostly in an unhealthy sitting posture" – and argues that the problem extends to air travel.

"Time spent in an aircraft, too, is usually not particularly good for the health, especially in economy class," says ACM. "The reduced spacing between seats and new cost-saving seating are just as unhelpful."

Our bad habits have an "unpleasant consequence [of] more and more neck and back problems", adds ACM. But it declares that it has "tackled this problem" with the "Smeated" cover.

"Sitting is the new smoking!" warns ACM managing director Roger Hohl, saying it is a "proven" case that "unhealthy sitting in an aircraft can cause serious health problems".

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