Bucher is unveiling a range of new products led by the new half-size ARCTICart.

This thermally-insulated ATLAS in-flight service cart can keep food safely chilled for more than 20h without dry ice or air chillers, says Bucher.

Also making its debut is the galley shopping window, designed to drive in-flight revenue and better promote onboard duty-free sales. Passengers will be able to buy from this outlet throughout the flight, as opposed to occasional sales runs.

The new galley also has an inventory management system to track sales and enable re-stocking. At the push of a button, sales and inventory reports can be produced in real time. The screen used for the inventory system also has controls for the power used by the galley, ensuring that power usage is kept to an optimal level.

Bucher has also created a self-service counter for beverages and snacks, so that passengers need never go hungry on a flight. On show at AIX 2019 is a version that Bucher created to a design by airline Swiss.

Further new ground has been broken by Bucher this year with the development of its ultra-light bionic partition. This partition supports the cabin crew during their in-flight tasks and provides extra protection for crew in the event of an emergency situation. First use of the partition will be by Airbus, in the rear of its A320-family aircraft.

Bucher's ATS stretcher, which passed the 1,000th-sale milestone this year, is also on display. Demonstrations will include the assembly and disassembly process, which takes less than 10min without the need for tools. In its most common configuration, the stretcher's installation requires blocking of only three seat rows.

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Source: Flight Daily News