Etihad Airways is to be the first airline to trial Panasonic's new wellness solution, the Jet Lag Adviser, developed in collaboration with Detalytics and incorporated into the airline's app.

Jet Lag Adviser takes a range of passenger inputs including chronotype, circadian rhythms, height, weight, the nature of travel, and travel information such as flight times, routes and zones. It then uses artificial intelligence to produce personalised plans for passengers, with tailored advisories to help them reduce jet lag.

Passengers receive a combination of generic route-based and personalised "jet-lag impact scores", which gives them a summary of how severe jet lag may be on that route – in general and according to their own specific travel. These advisories are intended to allow travellers conserve energy and be ready for their activities at their destination.

Alongside the agreement with Etihad, Panasonic is enhancing its wellness range with the launch of Calm and myNoise. Calm is an app that introduces a series of visual and audio programs to help with anxiety, stress, relaxation and sleep. Similarly, myNoise is a collection of soundscapes to which passengers can listen for relaxation, focus, and enjoyment.

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Source: Flight Daily News