Gentex is at the show to promote its next-generation electronically dimmable windows (EDW) for aircraft, which it says are faster acting and 100 times darker than first-generation products.

EDW is an electrochromic sunlight and heat control system that eliminates the need for shades and reduces dependence on the aircraft air conditioning system. It enables passengers to adjust the amount of light coming in without losing the view from their window.

A proprietary gel is sandwiched between two thin, glass panels. A low-voltage electric current is passed through the conductive coatings on the glass panels to induce an electrochemical reaction in the gel, causing it to darken. When the voltage is removed, the gel returns to its natural, transparent state.

Passengers and crew can use Bluetooth to control the windows wirelessly through handheld devices, smartphones and cabin management systems.

Gentex says the system also eliminates harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays, which can cause interior fabrics to fade.

“With Gentex dimmable aircraft window systems, passengers can enjoy expansive views from their seats, without annoying glare, for a feeling of openness in the cabin,” says Gentex director aerospace sales and marketing Mike Behm.

“Alternatively, they can select to darken the window system completely at their seat to keep light out.”

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Source: Flight Daily News