ATR has selected Geven to provide the second-generation slim seat which will be delivered as supplier-furnished equipment from the first quarter of 2018.

The two companies confirmed the deal yesterday with a contract signing at the ATR stand.

"An economy seat in aircraft such as ours needs to be updated every seven to 10 years," says ATR vice-president of marketing, Zuzana Hrnkova. "Geven provided our previous slim seat when we launched the -600 Series in 2011. They were one of two companies which responded to our request for proposals (RFP) last year, each of which provided two rows of Classic [basic] and two rows of Prestige [reclinable] seats for a blind test which we did at last year's Farnborough air show. Around 25 airlines tested both sets from each manufacturer and from the results Geven was chosen."

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ATR's requirement sought increased comfort, lower weight and increased reliability. The resulting NeoPrestige seat on display at the ATR stand offers 18in of passenger space between armrests, which improves the roominess at shoulder level. The seat pan is now a single part, contributing to an overall part count reduction of 30%.

Hrnkova reports that a 70-seat ATR 72 layout with the older slim seats can now be transformed to 72 with the new seat. "However, if an airline keeps a 70-seat layout, there is a 170kg decrease in aircraft weight. For the 78-seat high capacity version of the ATR 72, the new seat saves around 200kg," she emphasises. "We are mostly finding that customers are looking to take the two extra seats."

Depending on their choice, all customers choosing SFE seats – a BFE option is available from Expliseat – will receive the NeoPrestige or NeoClassic units from the first quarter of 2018. "These new seats are also retrofittable to every previous series of ATR aircraft," Hrnkova says.

Source: Flight Daily News