Honeywell is debuting at the show its GoDIRECT suite, featuring a new router. John Peterson, the company’s vice-president and general manager, software and services, says the GoDIRECT Router is “70% smaller, 60% less expensive and uses only 50% of the power compared with other routers on the market”.


John Peterson, Honeywell's VP & GM software and services


In addition to acting as a router for all bands, the unit also acts as a server for IFE and other content, and as a wireless access point for the cabin. On the ground it can also transmit and receive cellular data. “Airlines can therefore use the most cost-effective data pipe available,” Peterson says.

He adds that the router allows synchronisation with operations, such as weather teams, dispatch, pilots and crews. The data received can then be put through Honeywell’s analytics processes to help airlines make better use of those assets.

“Having more data creates a problem in and of itself,” Peterson says. “The real expertise is knowing what to do with it. Think of the process as going from a block of wood to a wooden spoon – it needs a craftsman to transform it. We are the craftsmen of big data, taking data and putting it into action to create solutions that add value for both the airline and passengers.”

The GoDIRECT Router is only now moving into the air transport sector, having been launched at NBAA 2018. “We’ve tested it in the business aviation market to get it to a position where it is stable and scaleable,” Peterson says.

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Source: Flight Daily News