Honeywell has unveiled its latest satellite communications system, the Aspire 400, to provide in-flight connectivity to the cockpit and cabin.

The system comes with two antenna options: an intermediate gain and a high gain version. It uses two independent Inmarsat SwiftBroadband channels and Inmarsat’s I-4 network to provide separate connectivity services to pilots and passengers.

Pilots will be able to use the SwiftBroadband-Safety service for cockpit communications and electric flight bag applications, while passengers will access the second channel for voice and data connectivity.

Honeywell says the Aspire 400 weighs more than 45kg less than comparable models, and is suitable for use on business jets as well as commercial and military aircraft.

Aspire 400 - Honeywell


The satcom system can be installed alongside Honeywell’s Aspire 350 to provide redundancy over various networks. Honeywell says it is also a “quick and easy upgrade” to its legacy systems, the MCS-7000 and MCS-7200.

Aspire 400 provides access to Honeywell’s GoDirect software and apps suite, including GoDirect Cabin Connectivity.

“As pilot and passenger demand for data and services continues to grow, our latest satellite communications system delivers superior call quality, videoconferencing and the ability to stream content in a single system,” says Honeywell product director Mark Goodman.

“Aspire 400 helps our customers deliver consistent communications through a secure connection while reducing aircraft downtime and delays.”

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Source: Flight Daily News