Qantas is to deactivate a pair of passenger doors on its Airbus A380s in an effort to increase premium seating on the aircraft's upper deck.

Airbus says Qantas has become the first customer for its "A380 Cabin-Flex" solution to raise seat capacity on the type.

The number 3 doors at the aft end of the upper deck will be deactivated as part of a previously disclosed cabin refurbishment programme for Qantas's A380 fleet, to be carried out in 2019-20.

Airbus says the new "door area arrangement" will create space for up to 11 additional premium-economy or seven business-class seats.

Acknowledging the reduction in available emergency exits, Airbus says the door deactivation is "suitable for premium configuration with lower seat counts".

The solution will be offered to airlines for line- and retrofit.

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Source: Flight Daily News