Tapis is showing the value of collaboration with a variety of manufacturers’ seats that use Tapis seat covers that provide “a luxurious, sustainable and durable alternative” to leather. Prototype seats from four seat OEMs – Safran, Molon-Labe, Rebel Aero and Butterfly – are on display, presenting a range of Ultrafabrics.

The Safran Slim Plus is upholstered in a mixture of Promessa AV and Ultratech Metrotech. The latter provides the centre panel and has a fabric-like appearance that requires no dry-cleaning when it needs to be refreshed.

Molon Labe’s side-slip seat – renowned for its wider middle seat and staggered armrest – uses Ultraleather Brisa, which Tapis sales director Matthew Nicholls describes as having “the same attributes as a fabric”. A second row of Molon Labe economy seats is trimmed with Ultraleather Promessa and Ultratech Cora to accentuate the 20in-wide middle seat, which sits between two 18in-wide seats.

Rebel Aero’s S3 seat, which features a three-point harness for enhanced safety, is dressed with Promessa and has Ultratech material in the headrest. Nicholls says the Ultratech product has the robustness of leather, but the comfort of fabric.

Finally, Butterfly’s Single Aisle Lie Flat (SALF) seat is a flexible seat with rapid transformation between premium economy to regional first class, and even to long-haul flatbed suites. The trim and finish features the first use of Ultrasuede as a seat cover, while the seat shell liner is upholstered in contrasting Tapisuede Flannel for a boutique luxury experience. The soft goods are dressed in Ultraleather, “to provide a luxury touch”.

Nicholls observes that airlines have often steered away from light colours because they can quickly appear dirty and are difficult to clean. With Ultraleather Pro, the special Pro coating means even ink marks come off with a single wipe, making the seats look as good as new.

All the materials are manufactured by Ultrafabrics and distributed by Tapis.

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Source: Flight Daily News