ViaSat has introduced a second-generation hybrid Ku-/Ka-band antenna and radome to support in-flight connectivity in the commercial widebody aircraft market.

The shipset enables worldwide roaming connectivity for new or retrofit aircraft on both Ka- and Ku-band satellite networks. ViaSat says it will allow airlines to steadily migrate a greater proportion of their routes to the “faster, more economical” Ka-band service, enabled by a range of partner satellites, as well as the global ViaSat-3 constellation. ViaSat-3 is scheduled to launch in 2021 and 2022.

“Similar to the first generation, Viasat’s latest dual-band system promotes smooth transitions among multiple satellite beams across Ku- and Ka-band network,” says ViaSat Commercial Aviation vice-president and general manager Don Buchman.

“Our next-generation Ku-/Ka-band terminal is the most capable and flexible solution for commercial widebody aircraft, giving them a global solution today with piece of mind that the technology deployed will be forward-compatible with the innovations in spacecraft technology of tomorrow.”

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Source: Flight Daily News