Avionica’s quick access recorders will be hooked up to GE Aviation’s analytical algorithms under a new joint venture announced on 10 May to develop new products that are designed to transfer better flight data to the ground.

The joint venture will be formed after GE Aviation has acquired an ownership interest in Avionica, the companies say in a combined announcement. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“We are determined to take aerospace data usage, related product delivery and customer support to the next level,” says John Mansfield, GE Aviation’s chief digital officer.

Avionica has installed 8,000 lightweight mini-quick access recorders on more than 300 aircraft models spanning commercial airliners, business jets and crop-sprayers.

The capabilities of such devices became known in 2016, when a mini-QAR installed on an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER transmitted flight data to the airline within seconds after a crash landing. The mini-QAR is connected to the same databus that feeds a large volume of data to the flight data recorder.

The joint venture is intended to expand that capability by linking the miniQAR and other Avionica recorders to GE Aviation’s growing portfolio of digital products. Avionica products are now included in GE’s catalogue of digital offerings.

“Applying physics and data science expertise together, on continuous data, helps create the analytics needed to provide increased detection lead time, reduce maintenance burden and improve asset availability,” Mansfield says.

Source: Cirium Dashboard