Boeing has established a research and development facility for digital services at subsidiary Jeppesen's site in Frankfurt.

The Digital Aviation & Analytics Lab is part of Boeing's Global Services division – launched earlier this year – and employs around 60 engineers, data scientists and other IT specialists.

They will concentrate on 12 R&D projects per year, with an objective of introducing a new product every six months, Boeing says.

These will cover digital airline processes, unmanned air systems, reduced crew operations and "smart cabin" systems.

"Aviation is at a threshold for radical change", states research and rapid development director Jens Schieferle.

The facility was established in a facility in Neu-Isenburg – near Frankfurt airport – which was previously used by Jeppesen to produce and distribute navigation charts.

It is part of a network of similar digital services labs in US city Denver, Polish city Gdansk, Swedish city Gothenburg and Canadian city Vancouver, which develop analytical tools for the airframer.

Michael Haidinger, president of Boeing's German operations, says the country represents an "important location for research and technology partnerships".

In 2016, the airframer opened an R&D office in Munich.