China has successfully achieved power-on for the first CJ-1000AX demonstrator engine, the alternative powerplant for the in-development Comac C919.

The high-bypass turbofan engine’s core reached a maximum speed of 6,600 rpms, disclosed China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

It adds that since the assembly of the demonstrator engine was completed last December, Chinese manufacturer AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine has overcome numerous issues in connections and debugging. All adjustments were finally completed on 30 March.

With the engine power-on, conducted in a test cell in Shanghai, the ministry says the functionality of its various components and systems have preliminary verification. Subsequent tests will determine the performance of the engine in its entirety.

The CJ-1000AX has a diameter of 1.95m (76.8in) and a length of 3.29m (10.7ft). China plans to build 24 more CJ-1000 prototype engines to support an airworthiness campaign, with entry into service targeted after 2021.

The C919 will initially be powered by CFM International Leap-1C powerplants.

Source: Cirium Dashboard