Comac has completed a 12 day programme of high-temperature tests on the ARJ21-700 regional jet at Turpan Jiaohe airport in China’s Xinjiang province.

The manufacturer states that the tests, involving test aircraft 103, were largely aimed a verifying system design changes aimed at making the ARJ21s maintenance more efficient and cost-effective.

Comac did not detail the changes made, but last year the airframer signalled that in 2018 it would focus on systems upgrades and weight reduction.

That followed a series of tests on an upgraded flight control system in 2017, and a separate crosswind validation trial in Keflavik that was completed in March.

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that there are five ARJ21s in service with Chengdu Airlines and three involved in flight test duties. Comac also holds firm orders for 127 more of the type, and options and letters of intent for a further 399.

Source: Cirium Dashboard