Research conducted by Gogo suggests that the Middle East is a region where in-flight connectivity plays a particularly significant role in passenger satisfaction.

Data collected from respondents in the UAE and Turkey indicates that 45% of travellers would choose another airline to have access to wi-fi, says the connectivity provider.

"Furthermore, over two-thirds of Middle Eastern passengers would be interested in using in-flight wi-fi," it adds. "In-flight wi-fi offerings should be a consideration for airlines as they seek to accommodate travellers in this region."

Gogo also found that "almost all" travellers from the Middle East own a smartphone and that nine in 10 have a laptop.

Middle Eastern passengers' expectations of in-flight wi-fi are slightly higher than the global average, says Gogo. For flights over 4h in duration, 51% expect wi-fi, compared with a global average of 49%. For flights under 4h, the respective figures are 49% and 42%.

Smartphones are used by 53% of Middle Eastern passengers, versus a global average of 38%.

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Source: Cirium Dashboard