Middle Eastern carrier Emirates is embarking on a recycling initiative to re-use plastic catering equipment through a local facility.

Emirates says the initiative will cover old or damaged plastic trays, meal dishes, bowls and other utensils.

They will be brought into a ‘closed-loop’ system through which they are recycled into similar ready-to-use equipment for on-board catering.

Emirates says it will introduce the utensils to its passenger service from this month.

“The new initiative is a transition to the principles of a circular economy, whereby items are reduced, reused, and recycled,” the Dubai-based carrier states.

It says “millions” of meal-service items will be collected, washed, and then transported to a facility to be ground down and reprocessed into new trays and dishes.

Emirates catering-c-Emirates

Source: Emirates

Old and damaged trays, dishes and other utensils will be recycled for use on future flights

The items would otherwise have been written off, adds Emirates. The new equipment will contain up to 25% of recycled material. Emirates is co-operating with sustainability specialist DeSter, which has a facility in the United Arab Emirates capable of handling the airline’s requirements, avoiding the cost of overseas transport.