Russian interiors specialist Rusaviainter has emerged as the preferred designer for the cabin of the new Ilyushin Il-114-300 turboprop.

Ilyushin had held a competition to develop and manufacture an interior for the 68-seat aircraft.

The Il-114-300 is a modernised version of the turboprop and is part of a Russian government strategy to revive domestic aircraft production.

Its passenger cabin will be designed for "maximum passenger benefit and convenience," says Ilyushin first deputy general director Pavel Cherenkov.

"Modern materials will be used to ensure safety and comfort," he says, adding that customers will be offered flexibility in cabin configuration.

The basic variant will have a 2-2 layout featuring 68 seats, with an ergonomic design, luggage racks, optimised lighting and air conditioning.

It will also have an in-built airstair to enable boarding and disembarkation at airports without suitable facilities.

Source: Cirium Dashboard