Russian analysts have conducted bird-strike tests on the fan for the Aviadvigatel PD-14, the second engine option for the Irkut MC-21.

The large single-bird impact test was carried out at the Moscow-based Central Institute of Aviation Motors.

It states that a test rig underwent substantial modification to prepare for the test including installation of a tailor-made projectile gun.

The institute says the test was "successful" and carried out in line with airworthiness requirements.

"During the testing process high-speed video and vibration measurements [were taken] which are important for subsequent calculations," it adds.

Results of strength tests on the fan blades, it says, should reduce the time and cost of the PD-14's certification process.

Irkut's MC-21 is currently being flight-tested with the rival Pratt & Whitney PW1400G powerplant.

Source: Cirium Dashboard