Conversion specialist EFW has secured European supplemental type certification for the modified Airbus A330-300 passenger-to-freighter modification.

The approval was granted by the European Aviation Safety Agency on 22 November, the authority's recently-revised certification database shows.

A330-300p2f-1100-c-ST Aerospace

ST Aerospace

Conversion of the A330 focuses on the installation of a large freight door in the forward fuselage.

The EASA database states that the modification must feature a number of other changes to the aircraft, such as the installation of courier stowage and a lavatory module.

Dresden-based EFW commenced test flights with the initial A330-300P2F airframe in early October. The first aircraft has been produced for DHL Express,delivery of which was announced on 1 December.

EFW is also undertaking similar modification for the A330-200.


Airbus/ST Aerospace

Source: Cirium Dashboard