JetBlue Airways has unveiled the first Airbus A320 that has completed a cabin reconfiguration.

The aircraft, registered N646JB, operated its first revenue flight today between Boston and Bermuda. This A320 was delivered to JetBlue in November 2006, Flight Fleets Analyzer shows.

The cabin refresh is the airline's first major overhaul on its original fleet since it debuted flights in 2000, adding 12 additional seats on the A320s for a total of 162.

New York-based JetBlue says it hopes to complete a dozen A320 reconfigurations by the end of the year, ramping up to "multiple aircraft" each month by 2019. The entire reconfiguration project will take about three years, with older A320s to undergo the work first. JetBlue operates 130 A320s with an average age of 12.6 years, Flight Fleets Analyzer shows.

The reconfiguration will add two different seats to the airline's A320s. The first - the Rockwell Collins Pinnacle - will be installed on the first dozen A320s to undergo the restyling by end-2018. These aircraft, which will also receive the LiveTV 4 entertainment system, will mirror the cabin currently available on the airline's A321s.

JetBlue A320 seat reconfiguration phase 1

Rockwell Collins Pinnacle seat which will be installed on a dozen JetBlue A320s

JetBlue A320 seat reconfiguration phase 2 Rockwell

Rockwell Collins Meridian seat which will be installed on remaining JetBlue A320s

JetBlue A320 seat reconfiguration Rockwell Meridia

JetBlue Airways

In early 2019, JetBlue will outfit the remaining A320s - or around 118 aircraft - with the Rockwell Collins Meridian seat and Thales AVANT inflight entertainment system and ViaSat-2 connectivity. The seat will feature adjustable headrests, more-easily accessible power outlets and other stowage options, says the airline.

The cabin restyling was previously delayed due to quality issues around the Space-Flex v2 galley installed on the airline's A321s, which prompted the airline to hold off on the A320 re-configuration which would add the same product.

Source: Cirium Dashboard