The 10,000th Boeing 737 is close to entering final assembly in Renton, Washington.

A train carrying the 10,000th 737 fuselage left Spirit AeroSystems’ factory in Wichita, Kansas on 13 February, the supplier says.

Spirit AeroSystems builds 70% of the 737, including the fuselage.

Spirit AeroSystems ships 10,000th 737 fuselage

Spirit AeroSystems

“We are grateful to the generations of skilled and dedicated workers who have contributed to this success,” Spirit AeroSystems says. “With global demand at an all-time high, we look forward to many more deliveries to come.”

The milestone was announced on 14 February by Spirit AeroSystems senior vice-president and chief technology and quality officer John Pilla, a speaker at the Pacific Northwest Aviation Alliance conference in Lynnwood, Washington.

The milestone aircraft is a 737 Max 8 scheduled for delivery to Southwest Airlines, Boeing says.

Spirit AeroSystems ships 10,000th 737 fuselage

Spirit AeroSystems

When that fuselage is integrated with wings, systems, engines and interiors in Boeing’s final assembly plant, the 737 will become the first aircraft of the jet age to achieve the 10,000th delivery milestone.

The first 737-100 entered service with Lufthansa 50 years and four days ago on 10 February 1968.

The type has progressed through four generations, including the original 737, Classic, Next Generation and Max families.

The latest variant, the 737 Max 8, entered service last May with Lion Air Group’s Malaysia-based subsidiary Batik.

Source: Cirium Dashboard