Russian researchers are aiming to demonstrate potential designs to reduce sonic boom under a supersonic civil aircraft initiative.

The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute states that the "primary challenge" in developing supersonic passenger aircraft concepts is a lack of "universally-approved" metrics to measure this noise.

It has completed the first phase of an integrated research project to develop a technology demonstrator.

The project intends to focus on "low" sonic boom in supersonic cruise and noise within the vicinity of airports, says the institute.

It adds that the demonstrator would – in addition to having these low-noise characteristics – have to show that it could achieve the required levels of aerodynamic stability and control.

Researchers have assessed possible noise-suppression systems and conceptual designs.

General director of the institute Sergei Chernyshev says the sonic boom analysis will provide a foundation on which to base a technology demonstrator.

"If successful, it will be possible to think about creation of a real aircraft," he says.


Source: Cirium Dashboard