SkyFive is to provide broadband connectivity services to the Middle Eastern for the first time via a collaboration with Eclipse Global Connectivity, with the two partners delivering an air-to-ground solution to an undisclosed airline in the region. 

The partnership will benefit from SkyFive’s proprietary air-to-ground technology, leveraging standard mobile network components to enable broadband connectivity.


Source: BillyPix

SkyFive chief executive Thorsten Robrecht with his counterpart at Eclipse Global Connectivity, Marc Pinault

“This partnership underscores our commitment to enhancing the passenger experience by offering true broadband connectivity aboard aircraft,” says SkyFive vice president of sales and partner management, Alois Sankjohanser. 

Eclipse Global Connectivity will draw upon its 20 plus years of experience in aircraft modifications to provide the supplemental type certificate (STC) package and manufacture the installation kits for the project.

“It is yet another validation of the extensive, and growing list of STCs and installation kits we provide,” says Eclipse Global Connectivity chief executive Marc Pineault, highlighting its work on A320 family aircraft in the region.