Skyted is showing its new ’Whispering Headset’ product concept  at AIX, building on its successful launch of the Skyted Mask in 2023.

Officially designated the Skyted 320, the headset enables calls which cannot be heard around the caller without a mask. 


Source: BillyPix

Skyted chief executive Stephane Hersen is demonstrating its new ‘Whispering Headset’ product concept at AIX

“The average background noise in a cabin interior is around 75dB,” notes Skyted chief executive, Stephane Hersen. “If you speak above about 50dB but below, the ambient noise level, our microphone will pick up you voice but those around you will not be able to hear you. The person being called will be able to hear you as the system can deliver the voice at approximately 73dB.” 

Should a caller not want the background noise of their location to be heard, the Skyted 320 can create a ‘green’ background noise. The system will be wireless and have air-buds on the headset for the incoming responses. The overall weight of the production version of the Skyted 320 will be around 40g. 

Hersen reports that while the Skyted Mask is still available, the company see its use being much more in the defence arena. “We have more than a thousand sales already which have built up more than 200,000 hours of usage.”

Story updated with correct weight for production version of the Skyted 320 of around 40g