Boeing has opted to withdraw a Swedish humidity-control system from the list of basic equipment on the 787 line.

The installation, known as Zonal Drying, has been “deselected” by the US airframer on the type, manufacturer CTT Systems states.

CTT had revealed in 2005 that Boeing would provide the Zonal Drying equipment as a standard fit for the 787 passenger cabin, with optional fit for the cockpit and crew rest.

The system was developed to save weight, and cut fuel-burn, by reducing condensation build-up.

CTT valued the agreement’s potential at around $250 million.

But it says that Boeing has chosen to remove the 787’s moisture-control system as basic equipment, adding: “The removal decision is consistent with other Boeing [aircraft] utilising crown ventilation via upper recirculation air.”

CTT admits the decision will have a “financial impact” on the Swedish company from the end of next year.

Supply of the equipment, and associated aftermarket sales, accounted for some 15-20% of its revenues over the course of last year and the first half of 2018.

Chief executive Torbjorn Johansson says the development is “unwanted” but points out that the Zonal Drying system is mainly aimed at the single-aisle aircraft market. The company will continue to act as an optional humidifier supplier for the 787’s cockpit and crew-rest area.

Source: Cirium Dashboard