Linstol has been working on the sustainability of its service item line of products, introducing a range of new materials that are being rolled out as an alternative to single-use plastics.

Airlines are driving down their use of plastics and other unsustainable materials in order to work towards targets for increased levels of environmental responsibility, so the industry is responding to this by introducing new materials for items including cutlery, crockery and napkins.

This includes Linstol, which has carried out research into materials including bamboo, wheat, palm leaf, sugar cane bagasse, rice husk, PLA corn starch and birch wood.

"Airlines are trying to balance their sustainability and their economic and social responsibilities – the goal is to not just introduce sweeping changes, but swap these out gradually," says Bill Carrejo, director of sales and sustainability at Linstol.

Airlines can take a long time to make changes of this kind, he says – although the company is already seeing success, having received an order from a Canadian airline for three million bamboo-based napkins.

Linstol has also developed blankets and pillows made from Ecopet Plus, a material derived from recycled plastic bottles that can be used to develop flame-retardant yarn that feels soft like cotton.

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Source: Flight Daily News