Jetlite and Silver Atena have teamed up to develop an automated control system that uses algorithms to determine optimal cabin lighting levels based on passengers' needs, in order to help minimise the effects of jet lag.

Silver Atena is developing the controller, while jetlite is developing the so-called chronobiologically-determined algorithm – which calculates lighting levels in the cabin based on human standards, time zones, and flight information including direction and routes.

The controller is operated via existing cabin management systems controlled by the flight attendants on board, and can be used to wake sleeping passengers up via lighting.

The system has so far been some nine months in development, and Silver Atena expects to release the jetlite controller product over the coming months. It will officially launch it at AIX in 2020.

Jetlite already provides lighting systems for Lufthansa’s A350 fleet, and is building on the concept with an automated version of the system.

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Source: Flight Daily News