Turkish Airlines and Formia have teamed up to develop a new amenity kit line for the flag carrier, which will feature Turkish artwork and a number of premium brands – including Italian fashion house Versace, making its amenity kit debut.

Turkish and Formia team to bring Versace to the ai

Philipp Wendschuk


Versace-branded kits will be provided for business class long-haul flights, Molton Brown for business short haul, Mandarina Duck for economy long haul, and bags with artwork from Istanbul Museum of Modern Art for economy short haul.

This is the tenth year that the airline has worked with Formia to develop the kits, but it is the first time Versace will be used for onboard amenities. The designer’s perfume for both men and women will also appear in the premium kits.

Philipp Wendschuh, chief commercial officer for Formia, says that providing amenity kits for economy class represents a shift in the industry. “It is trendsetters like Turkish that are doing this," he says. "Mandarina Duck is an amazing feature for economy class.”

The company is providing Turkish with the kits in different colours to offer variety, so that customers do not tire of receiving the same item if they travel with the airline often.

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Source: Flight Daily News