WestJet has selected Canadian firms to supply and produce the new amenity kits that will be carried onboard its new fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners, adding to the strong domestic brand image.

WestJet  Formia

Formia sales director Alexander Kovacs


The airline has contracted Formia to provide the kits, which in turn has teamed with Matt & Nat for the bags and Province Apothecary for the cosmetics – both of which are Canadian brands that focus on cruelty-free manufacturing.

Matt & Nat create vegan leather products, while Province Apothecary uses natural ingredients and does not test on animals.

This is the first time Matt & Nat have been on board an aircraft, says Niklas Sandor, chief marketing officer at Formia. It is applying features of its retail products to the amenity kits, while Province Apothecary is miniaturising retail versions of its cosmetics for WestJet.

“This is the perfect emulation of a retail product,” Sandor says. “The cabin of the Dreamliner showcases the best of Canada, so the products lend themselves to this image.”

The socks in the kits have also been given a softer, more homely feel, designed to look more like everyday socks than airline products.

“We wanted to do something different,” says Alexander Kovacs, area sales director for Formia. “It’s almost a retail sock with a nice two-tone finish.”

“We’re so passionate about it being a takeaway product, and it’s part of the journey and experience for the passenger.”

This work is being carried out under a long-term agreement, so further collaboration including the possibility of developing cabin bags and amenity kit refreshes will be explored.

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Source: Flight Daily News